The Distillery Hotel in London is Dedicated Entirely to Gin

We’ve made no secret of our love for the humble G&T, and though we may have had more than our fair share of the juniper over the festive period, we’re positive we can make room for some more as the Portobello Road Gin company have just opened the doors to The Distillery, a hotel dedicated to all things gin!

The Distillery is the world’s first boutique gin hotel and as such, the four-stories of the new hotel packs in everything a gin lover could want. As well as housing a micro-distillery, the residence also contains a gin museum, a gin store, two bars (with over 200 different gins to choose from), restaurants and three boutique rooms – which naturally come complete with their very gin mini bars.

The ground-floor of The Distillery is taken up by a bar called the Resting Room. As well as a plethora of gins, the bar will also be serving a whole host of spirits aged in barrels suspended from the ceiling. There’s also a Spanish bar and restaurant on the first floor named GinTonica for when you get peckish.

The Distillery Hotel Portobello Gin 4
As well as being a great place to simply hang out, The Distillery will also be hosting Portobello’s famed ‘Ginstitute’ workshops, where Joes and Janes will get taken through the long, and frequently miserable, history of gin, before blending the various distilled botanicals to make their very own gin to take away. A whole bottle of the stuff no less!

The Distillery Hotel Portobello Gin 2
The Distillery Hotel is located on 186 Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Reservations for the rooms will be available from 3rd January, so to register your interest head over to The Distillery Website. The rooms are actually surprisingly low-cost for London at £125 per night. Head over to the Ginstitute Website for more details on workshops.

The Distillery Hotel Portobello Gin 3
The Distillery Hotel Portobello Gin 5