Double Decker Economy Seating is a Wonderful Future

We’ve all been there. Time for the holiday of a life-time on the other side of the world. You’ve made it through security, duty-free and the endless corridors en route to what feels like the last gate at the end of the world. You finally make it to your seat and you have to squeeze yourself into what feels like a medieval torture device only for the person win front to slam their seat back and spill your plastic glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Economy-Class travel is not fun but Zephyr Aerospace want to make it far more relaxing.

The Zephyr Seat from start-up Zephyr Aerospace, could be the answer to our economy class woes. An area of travel that probably hasn’t seen much change since the 70s (bar a host of heavily edited in-flight movies).

Rather than squeezing every passenger together (which really isn’t an option in the current climate), the Zephyr Seat aims to stack passengers like bunk beds so that each pod has enough room for the flier to stretch their legs out and actually lay flat. Allowing the sleep that many passengers crave on long haul flights.

According to Zephyr; Airlines try to justify higher fares by bundling perks like in-flight meals, lounge access and extra baggage allowance. In a study they conducted, 70% of travellers would trade these perks for the sole ability to lie-flat and sleep.

The pod-like set-up allows travellers to sit upright or lay flat. All with a level of privacy not normally found in Economy seating. All without sacrificing cost (to the airline) or weight.

Zephyr Aerospace are currently in direct discussions with commercial airlines, seating manufacturers, and OEMs (Airbus, Boeing) to bring the Zephyr Seat to market.

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