Though it may have been and gone – not to mention it took place on the other side of the globe – we had to share images from an incredible exhibition that took place at museum in Japan last week. It’s called ‘Colour of Time’ and features 120,000 paper number cut-outs to create a rainbow installation to visualise the passing of time.

'Colour of Time' Rainbow Art Installation, Japan

It was installed by artist Emmanuelle Moureaux at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design in Toyama, Japan, the Colour of Time installation is part of a series of exhibitions that ‘aim to explore the different functions of materials.’

Having established herself in Tokyo, Moureux’s designs are characterised by their use of vibrant colours. The Toyama exhibition is no different with Moureux she decided to use paper to explore the relationship between colour and time.


To achieve this, the artist made 120,000 numerical figures numbered 0 to 9, as well as a colon symbol. The characters were then aligned to create a three-dimensional grid of 100 layers. Each row of numbers denotes a time of day, from sunrise at 6.30am to sunset at 7.49pm.


A tunnel ran through the middle of the installation, so visitors could immerse themselves in the artwork, while a bench was located at the end of the walkway for visitors to sit down and notice the different colours which were also used to represent the time of day, with the installation getting gradually darker to illustrate the transition from day to night.

Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Colour of Time exhibition was shown between 16th November 2017 and 8th January 2018.


Photography by Daisuke Shima.



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