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Floating Hotel Concept

Summer is in full swing so it’s likely you’ve already booked your holidays and weekend getaways, but we’ve got something you might to keep your eye on for the future. It’s only a concept but we love the look of the Floating Hotel!

The project is being developed by Salt and Water Architecture and Yacht Designs with the aim to promote tourism on inland waters that offer wonderful examples of untouched (and often neglected) nature.

They claim that the Floating Hotel would be a perfect solution for tourism without any violation of the natural harmony of the place itself, and we think they might well be on to something!

The Floating Hotel is made from two different parts: a central floating construction and apartment units that would be made in a catamaran-style. When passing through the central floating construction – which consists of reception, restaurant, event hall, offices for staff and a café – guests will use connecting pathways to reach the apartment catamarans.

The really cool bit is that each apartment is innovatively designed so it can easily be separated from the dock and navigated to wherever the guests choose! You’ll get the perfect location for your vacation all by yourself!

The catamaran consists of a salon, a galley, a bathroom, a hall with storage space and a sleeping area which is located above the salon. Guests can also relax at two separate outdoor locations– the flying bridge and the beach platform.

Each apartment can accommodate 2-4 Joes and Janes, thanks to the salon’s sofa bed. From the beach platform it is easy to access the water for swimming, diving, fishing and sun bathing.

We think the Floating Hotel is a stunning idea and have no doubts it’ll get picked up soon enough by developers. To have a contemporary hotel space on water and the ability to move your room to suit your view is something that is beyond novelty – it could be revolutionary. Not to mention it could bring green tourism to new places that badly need it. We’ll be keeping a firm eye on any developments!




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