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How to Fly By Private Jet Without Breaking The Bank

Ever wanted to fly the world via private jet but don’t have the hundreds of thousands of pounds required? Well now you don’t need to be a millionaire to fly in style. Thanks to a recent small phenomenon that has been circling the web, there’s now a way to get those luxury air miles without breaking the bank. It’s called empty flights.

More often than not when a high roller or ‘baller’ charters a private jet, they don’t always return the same day meaning that these private jets head back to base completely empty. Why I hear you ask? Well due to various aviation regulations, or often due to just limited hanger facilities, they just can’t stay and hang around their original destination airport. Well thanks to a number of start up websites who provide a service of offering these empty return flights to anyone who wants them at a reduced rate, we can all get in on the action and start taking some instagrams that will fuel our friends with vicious envy.

The Price 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to cost more than your Easyjet, Ryan Air and so on, but for the purpose of a stag do or special trip, the price difference really isn’t that bad if travelling with a group and the dates are scheduled for over 6 months in advance so you can easily plan around the flight. For example; if I wanted to fly from Norwich to Nice this Friday for a weekend in Monaco and the French Riviera with me and 7 mates, we’d be looking at 2500 Euros for the plane, that’s 312 Euros each, £246 roughly. Compared to the £220 it would cost for a BA flight at the same time, suddenly this sounds logical. HANG ON WHAT! Go back and read that again. Yep. That’s a £26 difference one way between a boring BA flight and your own private jet and who cares how you get back, you’re high rollers now.

Where can I look for these flights? 

We have done a little bit of research and your best bet is to go to websites like Lunajets, Victor and Empty Leg Market. There you can see what flights they have available and the price it’s going to cost for the plane at a pretty easy snapshot.

So what do you think? Interested? We thought so! Just let us know when you book so we can tag along!!



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