Thanks to their versatility, durability and portability, more and more we’re seeing shipping containers used as the base for grander architectural concepts: Last year we featured the extraordinary Joshua Tree House in California and more recently renderings were unveiled for a 2022 World Cup stadium in Doha built from containers. Well, the latest designer using shipping containers is Ora-ïto for his ‘Flying Nest’ nomadic hotel.

Discover the French Alps with the Flying Nest Hotel

The Flying Nest Shipping Container Hotel is currently perched 1,800 metres above sea-level at the French ski resort of Avoriaz. But the roaming resort designed by Ora-ïto for AccorHotels could in theory be packed up and installed at any location across the globe in just half a day.

The hotel itself is comprised of a network of stacked shipping containers that are clad in warm wood panelling. Each container houses is built for cosy living, with the space consisting of a living area, a bathroom, and a bed situated below a large picture window showcasing the local landscapes.


Modules can be stacked on top of one another and can be connected by a terraced walkway, offering various external spaces where guests can gather and socialise. The Flying Nest hotel is self-sufficient and can therefore be installed on a range of terrains, including desert and mountainsides.

The Flying Nest shipping container hotel will remain in the French Alps throughout the winter and can be booked over at the Avoriaz Website for around £135 a night. Find out more about the Flying Nest concept over at the AccorHotels Website.


In other travel news, take a look at The Krane, an industrial coal crane in a Copenhagen harbour which has been converted into a luxury two-person city-break sanctuary.



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