If you’re looking for a trip out of the ordinary this summer with no people or even shops but all the secluded natural beauty you could wish for, then take a look at the Fordypningsrommet Fleinvaer cabins located in Norway’s Arctic archipelago.

Fordypningsrommet Fleinvaer Cabin Retreat, Norway

The Fordypningsrommet cabin retreat is located in the Fleinvaer archipelago off the west coast of Norway. The archipelago consists of a myriad of low islands, islets, sheaves, and of course, Northern Lights. The Fordypningsrommet retreat comes with nine ‘houses’ in total, only four of which are actually meant for sleeping.

There’s a kitchen house, a studio house, a bathroom, and even a sauna on a pier… this is Scandinavia, remember! But the coolest attraction on the island is the tower house which sits on stilts and can accommodate a couple of sleeping bags. In total, there’s enough room for a group of up to 15 people.

Fordypningsrommet Cabin Norway 3

But sleeping arrangements aren’t the only pieces of planning needed at Fordypningsrommet. Just getting to the island will take some organising with boats leaving the mainland only twice a day from the city of Bodø. You can bring your own food to the island or the retreat can assist ordering from the nearest grocery store off the island for an extra cost.

Fordypningsrommet Cabin Norway 2

While it might not sound like everyone’s particular brand of travelling – particularly given Norway’s notorious wet and windy weather, even in summer – we doubt too many places you’ll look at this summer will offer something as truly unique.

While Fordypningsrommet Fleinvaer cabins recommend you rent out the whole island, you can grab a single bed during the hosted summer which are available in the two first weeks of August. E-mail [email protected] for prices and booking, or head over to the Fordypningsrommet Website for more details.

Fordypningsrommet Cabin Norway 4



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