If you’re not familiar with the Fyre Festival saga, we implore you to watch the Netflix documentary. But if you are clued up, you might be interested to know that the island featured in promo materials for the festival has now been listed for sale for almost $12 million.

The Fyre Festival Private Island Is Up For Sale

Fyre Festival took place in 2017. It was publicised as a high-end music festival in the Bahamas and was put together by rapper Ja Rule and tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland. But it soon came under fire for failing to deliver the experience that was promised, with guests left stranded without running water, bedding or food.

The buzz surrounding for Fyre Festival started when a promotional video from the private island of Saddle Back Cay featuring supermodels Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner was widely distributed by some of social media’s biggest names. However, the festival wasn’t to take place of the stunning 35-acre island and instead took place on the mainland where guests were met with FEMA tents, cheese sandwiches and a lack of water.


Organisers quickly cancelled the event and in October 2018, McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud and ordered to pay $26 million in damages. But the original Fyre Festival island remained as idyllic as ever and is now up for sale, boassting seven beaches, a main house and several smaller cottages, as well as “compelling views over one of the best seascapes in the world.”

Saddle Back Cay AKA. The Fyre Festival island is available to purchase now for a breezy $11.8 million. Find out more information over at the HG Christie Website.


If you can’t quite stump up the $12,000,000 to buy your own island, why not rent one out instead? Here’s 10 of the Best Remote Private Islands on the Planet available to hire…



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