The galaXsea Hotel Will Be 3D-Printed in Space

Space tourism has been touted for years and it seemed like the future would never have truly arrived until you could punch your ticket onto a commercial space shuttle. But while Virgin Galactic seems to have wrapped up the race to space, the galaXsea might just take the mantel for ‘Coolest Space Hotel Design’.

Created by Eugeni Quitllet, the galaXsea concept is a space solar sail boat and hotel. 3,052-feet in length and big enough for 15,000 interstellar guests, it’s made from asteroid materials and will feature an exoskeleton similar to a honeycomb or seashell. Oh, yeah – did we mention it would be 3D-printed in space? That, too.

The project would incorporate a 3D printing method which the makers say is specifically designed for space needs. The hotel would be powered by solar energy and is designed to be a ‘bridge between our present and future.’


The first of its kind, the space hotel would feature everything from a biology research centre and accommodation, to more exotic facilities such as an opera house, botanic gardens and a something called ‘Void Pools’, where you can swim with views that are out of this world. Literally.

Don’t expect the galaXsea space hotel to float in the night’s sky any time soon, or even ever. But we can always dream. Keep an eye out for updates over at the galaXsea Website.


Promising travellers private two-person suites on a 12-day round trip, Orion Span’s Aurora Station hotel was announced last year with an ambitious opening date of 2022.