A Game of Thrones-Themed Ice Hotel Has Opened in Lapland

Every year, 20 million kgs of snow and 350,000 kgs of crystal clear natural ice are used to build the spectacular SnowVillage in western Finland. The hotel changes in size and design each year, and for 2018, they’ve teamed up with HBO Nordic to turn their ice hotel into an icy labyrinth dedicated to the biggest TV on the planet, Game of Thrones.

Yes, fill the void left by no GoT this year by heading to Lapland. Situated in the Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, the Game of Thrones-themed ice hotel covers an area of 20,000 square metres, and features snow rooms and suites, as well as an Ice Restaurant, Ice Bar and Ice Chapel.

Rooms have been designed by sculptors from all over Europe and feature the likes of a life sized iron throne with swords, a scary Braavosi Hall of Faces and a white walker with glowing blue eyes. There’s even space for couples to have their very own North of the Wall wedding in the on-site Ice Chapel.


There are 30 rooms available in total at SnowVillage, each of which is kept at a cool minus five degrees celsius so they don’t melt away during your night’s sleep. The hotel also offers up a variety of Finnish activities such as husky or reindeer-sledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and ice sculpting classes.

The Game of Thrones ice hotel at Lapland Hotels SnowVillage is only open until 8th April due to temperatures, so head over to the SnowVillage Website now where entry tickets cost around £13 and rooms start at around £195 per night. If you can’t afford to head out to Lapland, just head over to the SnowVillage Instagram feed to check out the images.