20 million kgs of snow and 400,000 kgs of crystal clear natural ice are used to build the spectacular SnowVillage in Lapland, western Finland each year. The hotel changes in size and design each year, and for the first time in 2018, they teamed up with HBO Nordic to turn their ice hotel into a Game of Thrones-inspired labyrinth. It was such a success, they’ve decided to do the same for in 2019 ahead of the show’s eighth and final season!

Take a Look Inside 'The Game of Thrones' Ice Hotel in Lapland

Yes, Game of Thrones fans have another opportunity to stay in an ice hotel dedicated to the show – and with winter finally arriving in Westeros, it couldn’t be more apt. The SnowVillage Ice Hotel is located 120 miles above the Arctic Circle and comes complete with icy rooms based on key characters and moments.

Like the first GoT Ice Hotel, large and detailed sculptures are featured throughout, including a life-size Iron Throne with swords, a bedroom with the Night King looking over you, and a bar with an Ice Dragon. The hallways are also lined with ice sculptures from artists around the globe. There’s even an ice chapel should you want to pay your respects to the Old Gods.


When staying at the hotel, hot berry juices and fleece-lined sleeping bags are provided to keep you warm, as rooms are kept between -2°C and -5°C. Due to the extremely chilly conditions, the hotel recommends that guests don’t stay any longer than one-night in the ice hotel, before moving to one of the venue’s warm cabin.

The SnowVillage Game of Thrones Ice Hotel runs until 8th April 2019, weather permitting, with standard rooms starting at around £190 (€220) per night and snow suites starting at around £250 (€294) per night. Find out more over at the Lapland Hotels Website and take a look at more images below!


If you need a quick recap before the final season arrives on 14th April, here’s 10 Key Things that Happened in the Season 7 of Game of Thrones!



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