Getaway House Cabins, USA

We all need a weekend break every now and then, but what if you packed for a weekend away with no clue where you were going? Well, that’s exactly the concept US-based Getaway are trying push. And you know what? They might actually be on to something!

Getaway are all about tranquillity, forgetting about work and remember what’s important. With six locations overall – three just outside Boston and three just outside New York City – Getaway’s tiny houses in the woods are just close enough to let you escape in an instant but also far enough to guarantee a refreshing recharge.

The idea is surprisingly simple: First, book online and start dreaming of your campfires under the stars in complete quiet. Next you’ll get directions to a secret location which will be a two hour drive or less from the city. When you arrive, enter instantly with your private access code and that’s it – time to enjoy the simple things like fresh cut firewood, a home-cooked meal, and charcoal from the grill.

Getaway House USA Cabin 2
Each of Getaway’s cabins are guaranteed to be in a completely secluded natural setting. The cabins themselves are standard but have everything you need. They sleep 2-4 in comfy beds and you’ll get a propane stove, toilet and shower, so this isn’t completely back to basics. There’s also a help line available if things go South!

Getaway House USA Cabin 3
While it’s clearly not going to be for everyone, we absolutely love the adventure Getaway could bring to going on holiday. And while we’re not sure longer than a weekend would be advisable, it’s certainly a great way to break from routine and truly switch off.

While they only have locations in New York and Boston, Getaway are looking to expand thanks to the success they’ve already had. Here’s hoping they make their way over the Atlantic! Head over to the Getaway Website where prices start at around £75 ($99) a night.

Getaway House USA Cabin 5
Getaway House USA Cabin 4