While we regrettably may not have the time to carry our Gameboy around with us much anymore, there’s not a day that goes by where don’t think about long evenings in the summer sun playing a rousing game of Pokémon Red or Kirby. Well, the good Joes in Tel Aviv have stepped up to the gaming plate by turning their entire City Hall into a giant game of Tetris!

Giant Tetris, Tel Aviv

Yes, just like when the fountains of Granary Square in King’s Cross were turned into a giant game Snake and everyone lost their proverbial shit, Israeli’s are able to play Tetris in its largest form yet with the game being lit up on the side of Tel Aviv City Hall. There’s even giant joysticks to control your pieces!

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality building has been outfitted with a 32,000-square-foot screen made up of a whopping 480 LED lights, while the surrounding Rabin Square has also got itself two giant 5-foot tall joysticks, where people were encouraged to play against each other.

Giant Tetris Tel Aviv 2
This isn’t actually the first time Tetris has made its way onto the side of a building. Back in 2014, the game was played on a 29-story high rise in Philadelphia, and the year before a group of MIT students hacked the side of a campus building by using wirelessly-controlled LED lights and a controller attached to a podium to play.

The game is accessible every Thursday after dark until the end of the month having been initially installed for the city’s DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival which began over the weekend. Check out the video of the game in action below.



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