Gota Dam House, Zimbabwe

Continuing our search for some of the most interesting abodes on the planet, take a look at the awesome God Dam House. Located in Zimbabwe, the Gota Dam House is set atop a slab of granite rock and overlooks a large man-made dam and a reservoir 150ft below.

The Gota Dam House is the result of a collaboration between African-based architects Studio Seilern Architects and London-based Muzia Sforza. Using a variety of materials to blend its modern form into the landscape, Gota Dam is 1500sqm in size and plays home to the family of the private owner.

The house consists of three basic elements with two granite blocks enclosing the bedrooms and support spaces; a cantilevering roof that frames the panoramic views; and two glass boxes that enclose the winter living areas.

There’s also a small horizon pool at the lower level of the home which visually integrates view of the dam reservoir just to add a bit of luxury. Naturally the Gota Dam House is very secluded as it’s between 112 and 116 metres above sea level (not to mention it sits on the edge of a cliff), so privacy is never an issue.

All materials for the project were sourced locally, barring some specialist items such as the glass and the roof waterproofing. The granite used to clad the two anchor blocks was even taken when the original granite site was excavated in order to build.

The owner of the Gota Dam House is a musician, so a recording studio was built on site, and there’s also a rather striking garage which was made using the local technique of basket weaving. To soften the greening steel weave, climbing flower creepers were planted to cover the whole garage canopy. Check out more Studio Seilern projects over at their Website.