This Hikers Paradise Offers Views of the ‘Northernmost City in the World’

Despite the climate not being the most hospitable, the Arctic Circle has become a bit of haven for hikers and climbers alike. The Northern Lights alone make a trip to the Scandis worthwhile, but when you take a look at some of their accommodation and pit-stops, the appeal becomes even greater. With that in mind, take a look at the Hammerfest Hiking Cabin.

Designed by SPINN Architects for the Norwegian Trekking Association, the “Varden” Hiking Cabin is a timber dome built on a mountaintop in Norway to offer weary hikers views of Hammerfest, otherwise known as ‘the northernmost city in the world’.

Their tortoise shell-like exterior of the Hiking Cabin is made from 77 wooden panels that can withstand extreme wind and plummeting temperatures. On the inside, there’s a wood-burning stove, benches and tables, as well as a large glazed panel, designed to give trekkers a break from the elements.


The rounded shape of the hut naturally stays clear of snow and reduces wind pressure, and the bottom of the hut was adapted to the terrain based on a 3D laser scanning of the area. The outside is also covered by roofing paper and an external screen of wood treated with flames based on the Japanese sho-shugi method.

The first SPINN Architects “Varden” cabin took volunteers 1,500 to assemble in a warehouse before being transported to the site in two pieces. A second hut is in the works and is expected to arrive in 2019. Check out more over at the SPINN Architects Website.

Images by Tor Even Mathisen for Spinn Arkitekter


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