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Multi-Level Huangshan Tree House, China

Continuing our search for some of the most interesting hotels and accommodations on the planet, take a look at this extraordinary multi-levelled Huangshan Tree House found deep in the forest near Xiuning County, China.

The Tree House is located near Huangshan City in the Anhui Province, 33km west of Xiuning County. The scenic area features more than 70 knifelike peaks and the region’s distinctively shaped granite rocks, pine tree forests, and steep paved trails make it a place of true natural beauty with numerous famed viewpoints.

The Huangshan Tree House is located right in the heart of the region and as such comes with 360-degree forest views, with each section of the building offering different perspectives on the stunning location. Even the drive to the abode is stunning with the road meandering through the forest under its canopy.


The concept of the Tree House is based on the idea of stacked boxes. Coming with a 120 square metres of space, the home is split between eight levels in total and is connected by a glass corridor and a central spiral staircase.

The Tree House features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an entrance hall, a living room, a viewing area, and a stunning rooftop deck. The home is finished off with simple white walls and wooden decked floors to keep the focus on the views, which are visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows found at the end of each ‘box’.

The Huangshan Tree House was built by Bengo Studio, a Shanghai-based studio who’ve been around since 2012. With works including buildings, offices, retail outlets and boutique hotels, the firm’s practice is based on respect for the intrinsic relationship between architectural functions, space and the natural world. Head over to the Bengo Studio Website to check out more of their works.




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