Take a Look Inside the 29th ICEHOTEL in Sweden

The 29th annual ICEHOTEL in Sweden has officially opened for winter 2018/2019. The ICEHOTEL has been built every year since 1989, making it the oldest and largest hotel built of snow and ice. Reborn in a new guise every winter, 2018’s version features 15 uniquely designed suites.

Situated in the small village of Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, each winter ICEHOTEL is reincarnated into a new design. 2,500 tons of ice was used to construct the hotel this year, and alongside 15 individually-designed suites, the hotel also features an ice ceremony hall for wedding and a main hall, both furnished with ice columns and chandeliers.

33 artists from all over the globe were also invited to create artworks and sculptures from ice that will exist exclusively in the hotel until it melts away back into the nearby Torne River, completing the cycle.


Upon arrival to the ICEHOTEL, guests are put through a ‘survival course’ which includes information on dressing appropriately and making the bed with the arctic sleeping bags. Though sleeping bags may not sound warm enough, they’re more than sufficient and can cope with temperatures as low as -25° Celsius.

The ICEHOTEL in Sweden is available to book now where a stay will set you back from around £250 a night. Head over to the ICEHOTEL Website for more details.


Earlier this year, 20 million kgs of snow and 350,000 kgs of crystal clear natural ice was used to build the spectacular Game of Thrones-themed SnowVillage in western Finland.