A new James Bond museum has just opened on a mountaintop in Sölden, Austria. Found at the precipice of a mountain and accessible only by cable car, the 007 Elements exhibition is located on a filming location from SPECTRE, with the structure itself looking like a classic Bond villain’s concrete lair.

A James Bond Museum Has Opened in the Austrian Mountains

The 007 Elements James Bond museum is designed by architect Johann Obermoser and can be found at the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden – the setting used for the futuristic hospital in SPECTRE where Bond meets Léa Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann. While the installations do focus on SPECTRE, the exhibition does also explore other Bond films.

Built within the mountain to take cues from the work of late James Bond production designer Ken Adam, the museum is located at an altitude of over 3,000 meters, meaning the two storey 1,300 square-metre structure is one of the highest museums in the world.


The 007 Elements exhibition is stretched over 10 different rooms which aim to take visitors through the process of making a James Bond film. The first room is called Barrel of the Gun and focuses on the innovative title sequences and dramatic music that are synonymous with the 007 films. This then leads onto the open-air Plaza, offering panoramic views of the mountains range.


The next room is designed to emulate the type of entrance Bond would find when entering a villain’s lair. Here a film narrated by director Sam Mendes is shown that takes visitors through the history of the Bond movies. Next is the Lair Room, which focuses on characters and their quotable dialogue.


The Briefing Room explores each movie’s filming location, while the Tech Lab looks into some of the cutting-edge technology and gadgets featured in the films. The Action Hall focuses special effects and stunts and the Screening Room showcases how the Austrian action sequence from SPECTRE was created. Finally, the Legacy Gallery allows visitors to explore an extensive 007 archive via interactive touch screens.

The 007 Elements James Bond museum in Austria opened to the public in July and is permanent. It’s also been designed so it can be updated when new films are released. Find out more info at the 007 Elements Website.


Earlier this year, a new museum opened in New York City which is dedicated completely to the world of spying. Called Spyscape, it was designed by famed British architect David Adjaye and invites visitors to learn the tricks used by undercover agents.



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