The Jameson 17° 80° St. Patrick’s Day Expedition

If your weekend was anything like ours, “whiskey on ice, please” was something you heard on more than one occasion at your local Irish watering hole. Well, Jameson gave a whole new meaning to the phrase this St. Patrick’s Day when they took some Irish Whiskey fans completely off-the-grid to celebrate in the remote, icy wilderness of Svalbard, Norway.

“Why Svalbard?” we hear you ask. Well, that’s because the Norwegian archipelago is marked by the co-ordinates 17° longitude 80° latitude, a tribute to the year John Jameson set up his distillery home in Dublin, 1780. A mere 1000km from the North Pole, Svalbard is defined by frozen glaciers and snow caves, where polar bears outnumber the human population.

Jameson’s 17° 80° St. Patrick’s Day Expedition saw participants from Ireland, India and Argentina arrive in Svalbard to trek over the frozen terrain, overcoming obstacles along the way, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as close as humanly possible to 17° (longitude) 80° (latitude) in the most unexpected way.


Alongside snowmobile races, husky rides and ice cave climbing, Jameson’s friends even came across polar bears before arriving at their final destination, where they raised a glass and toasted St. Patrick’s Day. Proving that all you need are good friends and something green (a Jameson bottle counts) to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Head over to the Jameson Whiskey Website to hear some of the stories from the epic Jameson 17° 80° St. Patrick’s Day Expedition and take a look at the video below to see some highlights.