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Lofoten Opera Hotel, Norway

We love coming across something different here at the blog, particularly when it comes to travel. Finding a hotel and a location that is truly unique is very rare in a fully connected world. So our eyes lit up when we saw plans for the Lofoten Opera Hotel in Norway. Just look at it!

It’s located in furthest west of Norway, in the Moskenes municipality close to the town of Sørvagen. The site hotel’s site stretches out towards the sea both to the south and the west, creating a seamless link between the vast ocean and the imposing mountains to the north and north-west.

The hotel itself is hardly shabby either. Shaped like a coiled prehistoric fossil, it winds around the coast of the Lofoten archipelago with a total size of 11,000 m2.

The developers Snøhetta have developed the project looking at a number of factors; the landscape’s limitations related to new construction, functional and technical aspects of access, infrastructure, ecology, and sustainability, as well as the connection to outdoor areas and existing buildings.

The design of the Lofoten Opera Hotel creates an inner and outer space, and enhances the site’s inherent potential of an architectural expression. Concept and program are balanced in a mix of hotels, apartments, an amphitheatre, spas, hiking and sea water basins.

Though Lofoten lies within the Arctic Circle, the archipelago experiences one of the world’s largest elevated temperature anomalies due to its high latitude as well. So you might not even need to go shopping in the North Face before you go!

It looks jaw-droppingly stunning. The quintessential Scandinavian location is spectacular; sunny, right in the middle of a majestic landscape, but at the same time connected to previously populated areas and shielded harbours.

The Lofoten Opera Hotel is due to open at the end of the year with construction starting last year. There’s no details on price or availability yet but check out the Snøhetta Lofoten Opera Hotel Website for any other info.




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