TripAdvisor has just named the world’s top travel destination as part of their annual Global Traveller’s Choice awards. And beating the likes of Paris, Tokyo and New York City is none other than our great nation’s capital London!

TripAdvisor Names London World’s Top Travel Destination

Yes, London is the best travel destination on the planet if TripAdvisor readers are to be believed. TripAdvisor commented on London’s diverse offerings, saying “no matter what your interests, you’ll probably find something here,” citing the city’s historical significance as well as its art and food scenes.

Interestingly – or depressingly, depending on how you look at it – TripAdvisor also cited Harry and Meghan as the reason for London first top spot since 2016: “The global fascination with Harry and Meghan clearly has a powerful effect […] with the couple’s new baby due imminently, London may continue to reap the rewards of the Harry and Meghan effect into 2020.”


London beat off competition for European rivals, including Paris, Rome and the Greek island of Crete, who came second, third and fourth, respectively. Other big hitters such as New York City, Dubai and Istanbul also featured in the Top 25, while historical cities such as Cambodia’s Siem Reap and Peru’s Cusco also made the list.

Head over to the TripAdvisor Website for more info on each city and check out the full TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice list below:

1. London
2. Paris
3. Rome
4. Crete
5. Bali
6. Phuket
7. Barcelona
8. Istanbul
9. Marrakech
10. Dubai
11. Prague
12. Siem Reap
13. New York City
14. Jamaica
15. Hanoi
16. Tokyo
17. Playa del Carmen
18. Lisbon
19. Kathmandu
20. Jaipur
21. Hurghada
22. Hong Kong
23. Cusco
24. Sydney
25. Tel Aviv


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