Carrying a holdall without wheels is one of travelling’s real chores, which is why we always opt for a wheeled solution. But what if you could take the practicalities of wheels further and actually ride your own luggage? Well, guess what!? Now you can! Say hello to the Modobag, the world’s first motorised luggage!

Modobag World’s First Motorised Luggage

Yes, the Modobag combines the convenience of a standard suitcase with the innovation of personal transportability. The black bag can travel up to 8mph, which means the makers of the Modobag estimate you’ll be able to get to your flight three times faster than if you were doing some boring old walking.

But while the selling point of the Modobag is obviously its motor, there are plenty of other features which make this piece of luggage more than a novelty. Firstly, there’s GPRS-GSM tracking, which means in theory you’ll never lose it.

Modobag Motorised Luggage 3
Secondly, the Modobag comes with dual USB charging ports for all your devices. So if you’re delayed and stuck in the terminal, not only will you have a spare padded seat, you’ll also have some extra juice for all that Pokémon Go-ing. As well as the two charging ports, there’s also plenty of side pocket storage for easy access to your tech gear. There’s quick stow pockets for your laptop, phone and tablet.

Usually with these things, the battery is always the worry. But the Modobag is actually surprisingly well endowed when it comes to juice. On average it runs for 6 miles and achieves 80% charge in just 15 minutes, as well as having enough battery life for over 4,000 full charge cycles.

Modobag Motorised Luggage 2
There’s only two obvious catches we can find with the Modobag; the first of which it that it weights 19lbs when empty, which means you’re definitely paying above your baggage allowance if you pack so much as a toothbrush.

Secondly, and most importantly, is the cost. The Modobag motorised luggage will set you back around a whopping £750. Nobody said airport fun was cheap. Head over to the Indiegogo Website where the Modobag is being funded for more details.

Modobag Motorised Luggage 1



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