We’ve got somewhat of an obsession over clifftop houses and hotels. And one of the most interesting we’ve come across in the last year or so is this stunning abode on the Malibu coastline. Located at Mugu Point, California, 50 miles or so from Los Angeles, take a look at the stunning Mugu House by Malka Architecture.

Mugu House, Malibu

Ingrained in a cliffside on the Malibu coast, the Mugu House offers uninterrupted views of its breath-taking surroundings. The home is predominantly constructed from prefabricated concrete but the real standout feature is the moveable layer of wooden screens which forms native tribal patterns and conceals the exterior from the coast.

Malka Architecture is the brainchild of French architect, Stéphane Malka. Having just opened an office in LA, the firm’s projects ‘rethink the notions of urbanity,’ with the aim of creating new immersive experiences, which ‘dissolve the boundaries between architecture, stage design and contemporary art.’

Mugu House Los Angeles 4

The Mugu House project is pretty much as green as they come too. Benefitting from the existing topography of the actual site, there is zero impact on the surrounding nature, with the house moulding itself around the rock, its vegetation and its thermal variations.

Built with very few partitions, the rock determines the geometry of the interior spaces, with virtually each room containing vast amounts of the natural rock formation the house is built on. So much so, the cliff’s lichens, succulents and other vegetables continue to grow inside the house. Most importantly, however, the main façade of the house offers a stunning panoramic of the Pacific Ocean thanks to its large bay windows and the tribal screens.

Mugu House Los Angeles 3

Its very low cement content (7%) also means that the Mugu House reduces 28 times the CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint in comparison with the traditional concrete. Not only that, the lightweight architecture is also made from primary materials available locally such as sand and aggregates.

To check out more of Stéphane Malka’s work, head over to the Malka Architecture Website.

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Mugu House Los Angeles 1
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