Continuing our search for the most interesting and innovative hotels on the globe, take a look at the ‘Bird Nest’ in Kenya. Built alongside a river teeming with wildlife, the NAY PALAD Bird Nest offers a unique bed for the night – set above the ground, with a 360 degree birds-eye-view of the incredible Kenyan wilderness.

Sleep Under the African Sky at the NAY PALAD Bird Nest

Located at the Segera Retreat in the heart of Laikipia, Kenya, the NAY PALAD Bird Nest is a collaboration between Segera and architect, Daniel Pouzet. Featuring a fully-equipped bathroom, the Bird Nest is technically designed to sleep two, but could fit in small family if they don’t mind cosying up. As well a bedroom on the first floor of the structure, there’s also the option of sleeping out on the top deck.

The retreat is situation in Laikipia, one of Kenya’s most exciting safari locations. Nestled between glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west, NAY PALAD benefits from a stunningly diverse environment, with golden savannah plains, rocky waterfalls and tropical botanical gardens.


After an exhilarating game drive or bush walk, guests are brought to the NAY PALAD Bird Nest just before sunset. The nest is lit up with lanterns, with champagne and incredible food laid out on the open-air nest, and inviting beds (either open-air or within the shelter) prepared with luxurious linens and hot water bottles, ready for the night ahead.


From there, guests enjoy a magical African sunset, feast on a picnic-style dinner and can fall asleep under the sparkling African sky. The following morning, a picnic breakfast is delivered while guests watch the local wildlife gather at the river – including elephants and giraffe, among others.

If you like the sound of a stay at the NAY PALAD Bird Nest, head over to the Segera Retreat Website.




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