If you’ve ever read anything in our Travel section here at Average Joes, you’ll know just how much we love Airbnb. It’s easy to use, affordable if used correctly, and you can always find something unique if you look hard enough. One such abode which definitely falls into that final category is this gaming-themed room which is available to rent in Lisbon, Portugal.

Nintendo Airbnb, Lisbon

Yes, if going away fills you with dread about how much Super Mario you’re going to miss then fear not, Airbnb have you covered with this Nintendo gamer’s room! The room is up for rent from André Farinha, a computer game programmer and self-confessed geek who decided that drainpipes and projectile flowers were a more attractive option than four posters and popery.

The room on offer is fairly basic with a double bed, a small kitchen unit and a bathroom with a shower, as well as TV which is listed as being hooked up to Netflix. But really – who cares!? The bedroom is decked out with Super Mario-themed wallpaper and even framed Gameboys by the toilet.

Nintendo Airbnb Lisbon 1
Naturally, there’s also two Nintendo 3DS consoles and a Wii U – along with a load of games including the likes of Mario Kart and even Zelda – meaning you don’t really ever need to go the delights of Portugal on your stay!

The room is listed as being centrally-located with a load of subway stations nearby, and it’s only a 5mins walk from the El Corte Inglês shopping district and a 10mins walk to Marquês de Pombal.

If you like the look of Farinha’s Nintendo Airbnb home, head over to the Airbnb Website where it’s listed as being available for £30 a night. Bargain!

Nintendo Airbnb Lisbon 2
Nintendo Airbnb Lisbon 4



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