For many travellers, the North Pole is the holy grail of adventure holidays. But with the weather so extreme most of the year and hotels somewhat at a premium, rarely do opportunities present themselves. But travel agency Luxury Action may have a solution with the aptly named North Pole Igloos.

Soon You’ll Be Able to Stay in an Igloo Hotel in the North Pole

Dubbed the ‘northernmost hotel in the world’, Luxury Action are planning to place a group of heated glass igloos at the North Pole. Named North Pole Igloos, the portable pods would be designed with glass walls and ceilings to offer guests views of the northern lights as the dance across the Arctic night sky.

Due to the weather, ten North Pole Igloos will only be available to rent in April, upon request, when the frozen sea is stable enough. Each igloo comes with its own toilet and the booking also includes a camp manager, arctic wilderness guide, chef, and security, just in case weary travellers find themselves at the top of the menu of a predator.


For the other eleven months of the year outside of April, the igloos would be placed on a glacier in Svalbard, the archipelago between the North Pole and Norway, to ensure they stay in peak condition. Svalbard is also where Luxury Action plan to fly guests to and from the North Pole location.

To find out more and register you interest in staying at the North Pole Igloos Hotel, head over to the North Pole Igloos Website.


If you’re looking for something closer to home but no less icy, our favourite architecture firm on the planet, Snøhetta, last year unveiled renderings for the staggering Svart Hotel. Floating at the foot of the Svartisen Glacier above the Arctic Circle in Norway, Svart will be the northernmost ‘Powerhouse’ hotel in world.



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