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Nutella Are Set to Open the World's First Nutella Cafe in Chicago

Nutella lovers rejoice, the sweet spread’s parent company Ferrero recently announced it was to open the world’s first Nutella Cafe, and it’s about to open its doors in Chicago this week. It’ll be Ferrero’s first venture into the restaurant business, with the cafe designed to “make you feel like you’re actually walking into a jar of Nutella.”

Yes, while unofficial versions do exist, the first official Nutella Café will get its grand opening to chocolate spread lovers this Wednesday. The café will feature everything you’d expect from a Nutella-themed eatery with sweet treats such as crepes, croissants, and waffles dominating the menu. The family-style fondue, in particularly, looks like a must-have!

Nutella have had pop-ups before and unsurprisingly proved successful. But the Chicago restaurant will be the first of its kind, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in its own dedicated space. As well as being able to indulge your sweet tooth, there’s also some savoury options on the menu with an array of paninis and salads on offer too.

Nutella Cafe Chicago 3

There’s an espresso menu too which includes all of the usual drinks you’d find in a café. Though we couldn’t help but notice there’s no Nutella latte option. You can, however, order a hot chocolate or mocha and add whipped cream as well as a ‘Nutella drizzle’.

Nutella Cafe Chicago 4

The café’s clean, white décor gives it an über modern feel that should appeal to kids, parents, and Nutella addicts of all ages. The space features plenty of Ikea-esque seating, floral-shaped lighting and some awesome wall table nooks. The ceilings even look like works of art, evoking thoughts of those creamy, chocolaty jars.

The Nutella Café opens this Wednesday 31st May at 10am. Located at Millennium Park at 189 N. Michigan Ave, Ferrero have said that the first 400 people in line at the cafe’s launch will receive an extra special surprise.

Nutella Cafe Chicago 2



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