Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are no strangers to lavish resort projects, but we’re not sure we’ve seen one quite as ambitious as this. The Oasis Eco Resort in Liwa (the southern region of UAE) is designed by Baharash Architecture and once built, will be the world’s greenest eco resort.

Oasis Eco Resort, UAE

The main feature of the Oasis Resort is the groundwater that will be extracted using a deep well to create a complex around a giant spring. The spring will be used for crop irrigation, fish farming and recreational activities, and will also provide a natural habitat for various wildlife.

The spring will act as the heart of the resort and around it will be a series of linked building for accommodation and function spaces. In total there’s 84 planned interconnecting suites, all of which will provide amazing views and an outdoor terrace.

Oasis ECO Resort UAE 3
With ‘Eco’ in the name, it’s no surprise the environmental benefits are marked; waste water will be recycled on site for irrigation, there’ll be onsite waste management, there’ll be enforcement of a zero emission zone and that’s not even mentioning the 157,000 sq ft of solar panels that clad the roof.

The Eco Resort will feature a restaurant and bar, providing guests with local delicacies made with organic ingredients grown on site, fish caught on site and meat delivered daily from local farms. Joes will also be able to enjoy the menu either by the spring, inside their suite or even in the desert.

Oasis ECO Resort UAE 1
Naturally, there’ll also be health and Therapeutic spa facilities, as well as a fitness centre. The therapeutic spa will provide a wide selection of wellness and beauty therapies and all spaces will feature smart glass windows, which offer instant privacy at a flick of a switch.

There’s no details on scheduling as of yet or even when construction of the Oasis Eco Resort will begin, but keep yourself updated on the Baharash Architecture Website.

Oasis ECO Resort UAE 2



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