Conjuring images of idyllic panoramics across the Big Blue, any abode which is titled ‘Ocean Eye House’ is always going to have a lot to live up to. But thankfully Benjamin Garcia Saxe’s creation in Costa Rica delivers in sand bucket loads!

Ocean Eye House, Costa Rica

Designed by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe, the breath-taking Ocean Eye House is tucked in the western region of the Nicoya peninsula near the town of Puntarenas, offering its owners unrivalled views of the crisp blue Pacific Ocean and the vast jungle at the back of the house.

The two storey beauty is dominated by its tropical hardwood floors, which weave the open plan/open air corridors and living spaces. The wooden doors resemble shutters, and there are various terraces to open up to the house and create expansive rooms. Naturally there’s also a sprawling pool at ground level.

Ocean Eye House Costa Rica 1
Construction of the Ocean Eye House didn’t come without its issues however, and the house had to be built against the back of the steep hill of the site in order to stabilise the soil and protect the house from falling debris.

Ocean Eye House Costa Rica 3
This way, though, the house truly took its form; the house transitions from a more solid and intimate construction at the back (with bedrooms and bathrooms), towards a more light-weight and ephemeral structure that points to the visual collapse of the ocean and jungle views.

We absolutely love the look of the Ocean Eye House and just wish it was on Airbnb. Unfortunately we’ll just have to peruse over the images over at Benjamin Garcia Saxe’s Website.

Ocean Eye House Costa Rica 6
Ocean Eye House Costa Rica 7
Ocean Eye House Costa Rica 4
Ocean Eye House Costa Rica 5



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