While we’re not entirely sure we’d have the stamina or the ability to climb the 8,500ft Mount Kanin has to offer, we’re sure it would be fully worth the slog to stay in this Climber’s Cabin. Consisting of 9 ‘beds’, this winter cabin by OTIS architekti offers 360-degree views over Slovenia and Italy.

OFIS arhitekti Climber’s Cabin, Slovenia

Designed and built by OFIS arhitekti and CBD structural engineers in collaboration with a whole host of other design firms and experts, the Climber’s Cabin in the Slovenian Alps has been built to offer hikers a self-contained wooden shell to take rest bite from the extreme conditions on the top of the mountain.

The challenge was obviously to install a shelter which could withstand extreme weather, radical temperature shifts, snow and rugged terrain. The site of the Cabin is accessible only by climbing or helicopter and it’s been built with natural resources ensuring the shelter’s stability while having a minimal impact on the ground.

OFIS Climbers Cabin Slovenia 2
Kanin is a mountain above a small town, Bovec. The site was chosen thanks to its 360-degree views over Triglav, Soca Valley and Adriatic Sea. Naturally, however, weather conditions are very harsh, especially during the winter, with snow covering the site for more than half of the year.

At times, more than 10 meters of snow can fall and rainfall has been known to reach 363 litres/m2 in a single day. The mountainous area is also full of caves and abysses, and small earthquakes do occur with some regularity.

OFIS Climbers Cabin Slovenia 5
The Kanin Winter Cabin is made predominantly from wood and is formed with three floor resting platforms. There’s very little inside the cabin but the platforms can sleep up to 9 people and they’re hanging towards the valley with a large glazed panoramic window offering incredible views. Thanks to its overhang, the cabin reaches the smallest footprint on the rock.

Head over to the OFIS Website to see more of their recent projects.

OFIS Climbers Cabin Slovenia 1
OFIS Climbers Cabin Slovenia 4



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