The Middle East is forever looking to show off its vast wealth by producing plans for the world’s bests and world’s largests, and the latest in that mould is the announcement of the Oman Botanic Gardens – set to be the largest of its kind anywhere on the planet.

Oman Botanic Gardens to Be the Largest on Earth

Merging state-of-the-art, man-made technologies as well as some of the most incredible creations Mother Nature has to offer, the Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said-backed Oman Botanic Gardens have been designed and will be made by world renowned firms Haley Sharpe Design, Arup and Grimshaw.

Though many think of the Middle East’s topography as purely barren desert, the Botanic Gardens project aims to showcase some of the region’s astounding environmental diversity. Located at the foot of Oman’s stunning Al Hajar Mountains, the over 420 hectares site will feature eight defined habitats which will each reflect different habitats in the country.


With a range of endangered, native and endemic flora littered throughout, two of the habitats are enclosed by large striking glass biomes. The Northern Biome recreates the varied environments of the Northern Mountains while the Southern Biome will house habitats of the Dhofar region, including an immersive green forest ‘Khareef’ setting.


Each of the biomes were designed to work with the site’s natural topography and the sun’s orientation to maximise natural lighting and to use natural cooling. The Gardens will also be eco-friendly with all water on site sourced sustainably with no wastage, contributing to the scheme’s plan for achieving the globally recognised sustainable standard – LEED Platinum.

Construction on the Oman Botanic Gardens is set to begin almost immediately. Take a look at computer generated images for the proposed site below.




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