Orion Span Announce the Aurora Station – the Universe’s First Space Hotel

Space tourism has been touted for years and it seemed like the future would never truly have arrived until you could punch your ticket onto a space shuttle launch. But the future may finally be here with announcement of the Orion Span’s Aurora Station, a space hotel with an ambitious opening date of 2022.

Orion Span have revealed official plans for the launch of the Aurora Station module. Set to orbit Earth at a relatively low altitude of 200 miles, the company says the module will boast the most windows of any spacecraft put into orbit, with people staying in private two-person suites on a 12-day round trip.

With space trips in the past, companies have required that guests go through a 24-month training regimen before travelling. But Orion Span say they can get customers astronaut-ready it just three months and “at a fraction of the cost,” according to CEO and founder, Frank Bunger.


The hotel will be able to host four travellers at a time, plus two crew members guiding guests through the journey. Unsurprisingly, the trip won’t be cheap with the cost touted $9.5 million per person – that’s around £6.7 million with today’s exchange rate.

It should be said that there are plenty of reasons to be sceptical about any space tourism claims. Back in 2007, the Galactic Suite Project promising an orbital getaway similar to the Aurora Station and even began taking bookings but it never came to pass and the website hasn’t been updated since 2014. But with a bit of luck, who knows?!

You can reserve a spot on the Aurora Station space hotel waiting list now for $80,000 (around £56,000). The deposit is refundable if you change your mind or if the 2022 opening date isn’t met. Head over to the Orion Span Website for more details.