Porto – The best city you’ve never been to?

If you’re anything like us, you will have been craving a holiday ever since lockdown began. As talk of travel opening up has started filling headlines, we tried to think about where we’d like to go first. After much debate, our Editor demanded we talk about Porto after he attended the launch of the latest Audi A6 there in 2018. We can’t disagree either. Portugal is beautiful but other areas seem to get all the attention.

Porto is Portugal’s second largest city and is responsible for the naming of one of Portugal’s favourite exports – Port. The beauty of Porto is its historic city centre. It is one the oldest in Europe and has been a World Heritage Site since 2006. You can easily see why too. The city has a labyrinth of stunning streets, alleyways, churches and jaw-dropping architecture. All set over some serious elevation meaning you can easily get some quite stunning views of the city.

Porto is located on the Douro River estuary. Follow the Douro River in land and you’ll be treated to some stunning scenery. Vineyards litter the mountainside and classic Portuguese architecture abounds.

Head back into the city at night and you’ll find a relaxed and very outdoor nightlife. Bars open up from nowhere along the river to the backdrop of street music. Food is exceptional too. We’re quite partial to Portuguese food anyway but the selection of meat and fish at most restaurants in Porto is stunning.

Overall Porto is one of those places you wish you’d known about a long time ago. It’s not a hidden gem as their tourist trade is good but we feel it deserves to be mentioned more often when people consider a European city break.

What’s your favourite European city and why? Let us know in the comments.