Part-floating vessel, part-island, part-sci-fi dream, Project Utopia is, as the name suggests, an envisioning of a perfect place to live. A collaboration between Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee, the avant-garde concept vision offers us a glimpse into a potential floating future.

Project Utopia Floating Island Home

Set on four legs that support the upper decks with help from a central pillar, the floating island measures in at 100m in length and 100m in breadth, meaning each of the 11 decks get stunning views of the surrounding ocean. The size of the vessel also means that Project Utopia has the space to ‘create an entire micronation’, capable of housing hundreds of people.

There’s also ample space to create a vast amount of interior design options, such as a retail district, a theatre, a culinary zone containing an eclectic mix of restaurants, and an entertainment zone featuring bars, nightclubs and even a casino. It will also feature an observatory deck with breath taking 360-degree views at a height of 65m above sea level.

Project Utopia Floating Island Yacht 3
Structurally, Utopia is also able to adapt to various environments while maintaining guest comfort. With the deployable glass canopy panels covering the interior decks, full climate control is possible, despite the geographical location and outside conditions.

Utopia moves around the oceans thanks to its ‘azimuthing thruster’ engines which are mounted on the legs. It moves slowly but it’s been designed to present ‘the smallest possible profile to the water’s surface.’

As it’s just a concept, no other technological details have been given about Project Utopia yet but it’s undoubtedly one of the coolest concepts we’ve seen this year. Head over to the Yacht Island Design Website for more details.

Project Utopia Floating Island Yacht 1



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