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Quorvus Hotel Collection

Traditionally, most luxury hotels have stood independently, each with their own history and unique characteristics; it’s hard to imagine a chain of Ritzs or Savoys springing up all over the place like branches of McDonald’s.

Recently, however, a definite trend has begun which has seen large hotel groups buying up well known and classic hotels. One example of this is Marriott’s ‘Autograph’ collection, which now includes such prominent hotels as the Algonquin on Times Square and Budapest’s century-old Boscolo Hotel. The same can be seen with French group Accor, who have built up a similar portfolio with their ‘M Gallery’ collection.

And now the Carlton Rezidor Hotel Group are jumping onto the bandwagon with their newly announced Quorvus Collection. Whilst not, perhaps, a household name, most will be familiar with at least one of the company’s brands, which include Radisson Blu, Country Inns & Suites, and Park Inns, amongst others.

The Quorvus Collection then, so far includes three members, first of which is London’s May Fair Hotel. Described by the company as a ‘legendary hotel with a glamorous past,’ this building was first opened by King George V in 1927, and since then has played host to some of London’s most extravagant events. Inside are 404 bedrooms, the ‘May Fair Bar’, and a 201-seat private screening room.

Next is the G&V Royal Mile Hotel, situated in Edinburgh. Far more modern than the May Fair, this one is named after its location – The Royal Mile between the George IV Bridge and Victoria Street. Inside is a spa, a restaurant, ‘Cucina’, and 136 rooms. It’s bright, contemporary, and right up our street (apart from the weather).

Last in the collection, then, is the Symphony Style Hotel located in Kuwait City. This 18-storey hotel boasts views over the Arabian Gulf along with an outdoor pool and a choice of three restaurants.


The company claim that the name, ‘Quorvus’, originates from the Corvus constellation which features the five brightest stars. From the name, then, one could quite reasonably assume that the collection aims to accrue a collection of five hotels. This is not the case, however – the group instead aims to add a further 17 hotels to their range by 2020, some old and established, and some more modern.

Prices range from around £200 at the G&V, to £300 at the Symphony, to £400 at the May Fair, although they should promise a bit more than the average Travelodge.



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