Get Lakeside and Mountain Views at the Ranwu Lake Campsite, Tibet

Forever on the search for the most awesome hotels and accommodation on planet Earth, take a look at the Ranwu Lake Campsite. Located in the mountains of Tibet, the hotel/campsite is set on a foundation of stilts with stunning lakeside views over the surrounding mountain range.

Tibet may be most famed for its monks and monastery retreats but the Ranwu Lake Campsite is positively modern in comparison. Featuring eight individual stilted complexes, each room at the hotel offers a secluded getaway with floor to ceiling glazing and private balconies that overlook the surrounding landscape.

Located just off the G318, China’s longest national highway, the main building of the integrated service centre is made from transparent glass and has an appearance shaped by the terrain, just like an eagle spreading its wings near the lake shore. The building itself extends around 80m towards the lake in order to maximise the field of view.


In order to make good use of the water level changes of Ranwu Lake, the bottom overhead of the suites hotel is about 4 meters high. The hotel is among water plants in dry season and above the glistening light of waves and the mist in wet season.

Ranwu uses predominated white and red as the main colour of the building, colours favoured by local Tibetans. The idea is it creates a unique, natural and warm living space with a great combination of white cement-fibre plates, red weather-resisting steel plates, thick transparent glass, dark grey steel, local woods and local pebbles.


As well as the hotel, the campsite offers spaces for tents and RVs, and has all the modern amenities you’d want from a destination, including a travel information centre, a 24-hour convenience store, a bar, a tea bar, a BBQ buffet, a children’s forest park, and a view platform and waterside terrace.

Head over to the Explore China & Tibet Website for more details.


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