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Rock Reach House, California

If you’re looking for private getaway that’s something a little different, we suggest you have a look at Rock Reach House located a giant boulder’s throw away from Joshua Tree National Park.

Rock Reach House is a modern steel house set in a private community and perched amidst a pristine high desert setting complete with enormous weathered boulders, as well as an array of ancient trees and plants. The house is available for short-term vacation rental for Joes who would admire the house’s unique architecture or for anyone who simply wants to decompress in style and serenity.

You’ll find sliding glass doors everywhere so the inside and outside always feel connected. Not only does the living room but each bedroom has its own private patio as well as a California king bed. We love the look of the furnishings too – simple, sleek and contemporary. A perfect contrast the rugged landscape.

The kitchen at Rock Reach House is obviously fully equipped and wireless wi-fi is available throughout the house and there’s satellite TV in the living room. So you’re not too disconnected.

Rock Reach House is actually relatively small at 1,000 square feet but more than makes up for that with it outdoor living space, where you’ll find a large fireplace, a Jacuzzi nestled in a private cove of rocks with long views across miles of open desert, a large galvanized outdoor stock tank and an outdoor shower. With the views of the South Californian Desert on offer, there’s naturally a private deck too.

Located in a 320-acre private community, where there are 33 lots in all, the all-electric home includes a large array of solar panels on the roof of a two-car carport that create nearly as much electricity as the house uses. Don’t worry though, the house is connected to the power grid.

Rock Reach House is the first house built by Blue Sky Building Systems using the Blue Sky Frame, a revolutionary light-gauge steel frame system. The structure is known as a bi-directional moment-resisting frame as it resists movement in two directions and eliminates the need for shear walls or load bearing walls. There’s no cutting or drilling on site, and no site welding. The result is a much faster build time, closer tolerances, more durable materials and enhanced environmental credentials.

Joshua Tree National Park is the obvious close-by attraction as is Big Morongo Canyon Preserve with its numerous natural springs that attract a lot of twitchers. You’ve also got easy access to Giant Rock, which is considered to be the largest solitary boulder on this earth!

If you want to be active – rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking are all on the agenda. If you want something more tranquil – star-gazing and scenic drives will be hard to beat. There’s also a ton of restaurants and shops if you’re bored of all that silence.

Rock Reach House is available for £243 per night via Airbnb. Check out the Rock Reach House Website for more details and booking information.




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