It probably has something to do with Christmas’ best advert so far hitting the box, but while continuing our search for the most unique hotels and accommodations on the planet, we fell in love. Take a look at this gorgeous Room Mate Hotel Giulia located in Milan, Italy, which looks like it’s come straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

Room Mate Hotel Giulia Milan, Italy

It was only last year that Wes Anderson helped design Bar Luce in Milan, and while the Hollywood director had nothing to do with the design of Room Mate Hotel Giulia, it is still a thing of pastel-filled melancholic beauty.

The concept behind Room Mate Hotels, of which there are 23 located in 16 cities around the world, focuses on original design, fashion, luxury and architecture. Their one-of-a-kind boutique hotels are designed to be as comfortable as your own abode. A true home away from home.

Room Mate Hotel Giulia Milan Italy 5
Room Mate Giulia Hotel in Milan undoubtedly fits in that mould. Situated in a historical building that dates back to late 19th century, there 85 rooms in total that have been designed with a vintage touch and strong contrasting elements so guests feel like they are in a familiar setting.

Room Mate Hotel Giulia Milan Italy 4
Designed by Patricia Urquiola in true signature fashion, the pastel hues are the first things to grab your attention with pink, green, and blue tones which are used alongside traditional materials such as terracotta bricks from Lombardy, designer furniture and Milanese artworks throughout the building.

Located right next to Piazza del Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in central Milan, you can book a room at Room Mate Hotel Giulia now over at the Room Mate Website with prices starting at around £175 a night.

Room Mate Hotel Giulia Milan Italy 3
Room Mate Hotel Giulia Milan Italy 2
Room Mate Hotel Giulia Milan Italy 6



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