Rough Guides Names Scotland as ‘The Most Beautiful Country in the World’

Travel experts, Rough Guides, have just named Scotland as ‘The Most Beautiful Country in the World.’ Readers of the renowned guides were asked to name what they thought was the most attractive country on the planet, with the Scottish Highlands just pipping Canada’s National Parks to the illustrious title.

According to Rough Guides, ‘There’s nothing like an amazing view to inspire you to book your next trip, whether you’re drawn by rolling countryside, isolated islands or soaring mountain peaks.’ Readers were therefore ask to take part in a poll and a list of 20 countries was compiled.

Neighbouring England came in at a respectable 7th position, while the readers’ poll placed Wales in 10th position. With its black beaches, hot springs and volcanic mountains, one of our favourites, Iceland, came in 8th, while hotly tipped New Zealand only just made it into the top 3.


Canada took second place with Rough Guides commenting, ‘In a close call for second place is Canada: home of lumberjacks, beavers and maple syrup (if you believe everything you read). But there’s much more on offer in Canada, not least its mixture of raw beauty and majestic landscapes.’


In its listing, which also includes the likes of Norway, Peru and South Africa, the guide crowned Scotland in 1st stating, ‘And finally, the world’s most beautiful country is revealed: Scotland. Who can deny that these wild beaches, deep lochs and craggy castles are some of the most wonderful and beautiful sights in the world?’

The full Rough Guides Most Beautiful Country in the World list goes as follows;

20. Vietnam
19. Croatia
18. Ireland
17. Norway
16. Peru
15. Switzerland
14. Finland
13. India
12. Mexico
11. Slovenia
10. Wales
9. USA
8. Iceland
7. England
6. Indonesia
5. South Africa
4. Italy
3. New Zealand
2. Canada
1. Scotland

Head over to the Rough Guides Website to check out the guide to each country.