The idea of owning your own private island is something we’ve probably all dreamed about at one point or another. So feast your eyes on the stunning – albeit slightly pricey – island up for sale on the North Shore of Long Island. It’s called Salutation Island and it could be yours for just under £100 million!

Salutation Island Private Island, New York

Salutation Island has a history which dates back as far as 1721. The property comes with 86 acres of land, beaches, underwater rights, and even your very own pond. Along with 5 other homes, the islands star attraction is a 27,000-square-foot main house that was built in 1919 by JP Morgan’s son Junius Spencer.

The land was granted by King George I and purchased by Peter Caverly in 1721 for two hundred pounds. The surrounding waters are filled with fishing opportunities, as well as clamming and boating, while the tranquil 28-acre pond is home to oyster beds. As well as all that real estate, the island is also accommodates yachts and seaplanes, and a helicopter landing spot.


The islands properties are opulent to say the least. The Manor House, for example, comes with just your 12 Master bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, as well as 10 service quarters. The five other residences on the island offer a total of 21 guest rooms – perfect for Christmas getaway with the extended family and their postmen!

Salutation Island is less than 1 hour from New York City by car, and less than 30 minutes by air or sea. It’s so close, Salutation even offers spectacular views over the Long Island Sound to the Manhattan skyline, and as far as Connecticut and Westchester.


If you’ve got a spare bit of cash laying around after the festive period, Salutation Island is up for sale over at the Sothebys Realty Website for a cool £93,766,216. If we all chip in, we could maybe rent out a room at least…


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