Satellite Island, Tasmania

We all dream owning a slice of paradise, and while we can’t quite offer you your own personal island for keeps, we can suggest the holiday of a lifetime on one! Located in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel between mainland Tasmania and Bruny Island, Satellite Island is a private island getaway that will take your breath away.

Featuring sheer cliffs, pristine ocean and wild shellfish in the ancient rock shelf that circles the island, Satellite Island is a truly unique destination if you’re looking for a family retreat or just an escape from the hectic city this year.

Satellite Island has never before been accessible to the general public, which means it’s remained completely unspoilt over the years. The secluded hideaway mixes beautiful native bush, pebble beaches and sunny coves, as well as native creatures like the pair of rare white breasted sea eagles who live on the Island.

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Accommodation on Satellite Island is in abundance and has every amenity you’re likely to need during to stay. The Summer House has room for 12 guests, but if you want to be closer to the water, the Boathouse will give you views of the Tasmanian Ocean every waking morning.

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The whole island is yours so you can do essentially whatever you like. Take a walk around the island on one of its many tracks, take kayaks out around the bay, light a fire on the beach or simply lounge on your boathouse jetty with some delicious wild oysters. This island offers the ultimate freedom.

You’ll be welcomed on to Satellite Island with a bottle of champagne and a bucket of oysters, but if you want something most rugged, the island caretaker will head into town to grab whatever your need. For more details and how to book, head over to the Satellite Island Website.

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