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Secluded Intown Treehouse, Atlanta

Ever fancied living like Peter Pan and lost boys in your very own treehouse? Head ever to Georgia in the States and you can do just that thanks to the Secluded Intown Treehouse on Airbnb!

The luxury suite consists of 3 connecting treehouse rooms within secluded intown Buckhead, an affluent uptown district of Atlanta. Set amongst lush greenery, each room is beautifully furnished with antiques, natural artefacts and the sounds of nature around you.

The Intown Treehouse has three separate houses each connected by a suspension bridge. The living space treehouse is crammed full of antique furnishings including 80 year old butterfly-filled windows, a 12-candle chandelier, comfortable, antique seating for six people, and a balcony overlooking an acre of lush woods.

The bedroom sleeps two and has the luxury of a double bed that’s on wheels so it can either be rolled out onto a platform that overlooks the stream below or inside the room for further insulation! A small desk, primitive side-tables, an antique birdcage, Kilim rugs, votives and fairy lights make it unique and homely.

The final bridge will lead you to a deck with circular seating that can accommodate up to ten Joes. Open to the elements and immersed in thick greenery, there’s also a hammock for relaxing lying beneath a 150 year old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree, so be gentle. There are also bathroom facilities on boring-old ground level.

As this is Airbnb, the owners of the treehouse live in a property on site but other than showing you around when you arrive and kindly bringing fresh coffee in the morning, you’ll have the treehouse completely to yourself. But if the seclusion and the greenery gets too much for you, downtown Atlanta is just minutes away too.

Centrally located within the heart of intown Atlanta, the treehouses look like the definition of a hidden gem. We love anything unique like this and can’t begin to imagine how relaxing it must be. Not to mention it looks pretty romantic so would almost certainly put you firmly in your partner’s good books!

The Atlanta treehouses required a minimum 2 night stay and cost £229 per night plus fees. Essentially you’re looking at around £500 for a couple of days living like Ewoks, which sounds a fairly excellent deal to us! Check out the Airbnb Secluded Treehouse Website for booking details.




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