Continuing our search for the most interesting and unique abodes on the planet, take a look at these photo-realistic renderings of an awesome home being built in the Californian desert. Constructed from a series of angled shipping containers, the Joshua Tree house has been commissioned by a film producer and his wife.

Shipping Container House, Joshua Tree

Created by London-based designer James Whitaker, the shipping container house was originally designed as a proposed office for a site in Germany – though it never went passed the design phase. Recently, however, a Los Angeles-based film producer hired Whitaker to realise his creation in Joshua Tree, California. And the project is set to begin in 2018.

The remote home will be constructed by white cargo containers emerging from the landscape, with each container orientated to offer the best possible views of the landscape, or to use the terrain to maximise privacy depending on the room’s use. The terrain’s sloped gully is also being used to protect the home from any extreme desert weather


The house will be around 2,153 square feet in size. Inside, things are minimalist to say the least with the living room, kitchen, dining space and all three bedrooms whitewashed with only furnishings adding bursts of colour and detailing. Just off the home, there’ll be a carport with a canopy of solar panels too, which will generate electricity for the whole home.

Head over to the Whitaker Studio Website for more details on Joshua Tree residency and to see other works.




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