Stockholm-based Utopia Arkitekter has designed a tent-like shelter aimed at providing a retreat for trekkers in the Icelandic mountains. Called Skýli, which means shelter in Icelandic, the concept was developed to be transported to remote locations along some of the most famous trekking trails on Iceland to withstand the extreme weather conditions.

Skýli Trekking Cabin, Iceland

Skýli combines four sharply pointed pyramidal shapes into a shelter, ideal for resting. The outer shell of the cabin is constructed from steel and is painted in a bright blue colour, reminiscent of the colourful rooftops in contemporary Reykjavik, giving the cabin a strong aesthetic as well as making it easily visible from a distance.

The shelter cabin can sleep a total of 15 people, with benches folding out from the walls, but the additional bunk beds also function as extra storage space. The large windows dominate the space, leaving a view of the spectacular scenery of Icelandic nature, while Skýli’s two entries, one facing north and one facing south, mean that one will always be better protected from the wind.


The trekking cabin has four activity areas: two for rest and sleep, one for cooking and repairing, and one for eating and storing emergency supplies. The space between the outer and inner skin creates two additional rooms, one to wring out and dry clothes and one to house a compost toilet.


To keep things nice and sustainable, rainwater is collected from the roof and is filtered into self-draining containers in the outer shell. The water supplies the cabin for washing, and once filtered and purified, can also be used for cooking and drinking. Heating is also generated purely by the people inhabiting the cabin.

Head over to the Utopia Arkitekter Website to see more of their works.




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