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The Screensaver Exhibition, Rotterdam

We’re self-confessed geeks here at Average Joes and we’re not afraid to wear the label with pride. And just to illustrate the point, we’re jumping on the next EasyJet to Rotterdam so we can see with our very own eyes an exhibition dedicated to the humble computer screensaver!

Yes, an actual exhibition entitled ‘Sleep Mode: The Art of the Screensaver Exhibition’ has just opened in the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam and we couldn’t be annoyed we’re not Dutch.

‘Sleep Mode: The Art of the Screensaver’ has been curated by Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal, reclaiming humble screensavers as ‘moving digital artworks’ that are ‘designed to be shown when no one is looking at them.’

The exhibition feature 27 life-size projections of all the classics from the very first (a black screen) all the way to now. So we’re talking all the greatest hits from Windows, Apple, etc. with the likes of ‘3D pipes’ and our personal favourite, ‘flying toaster’, all getting an outing.


As well as the installations, there’ll be an audiotour with background stories as you walk through the exhibition, and there’s also an extensive accompanying web-publication, which has writings, videos, source material and interviews with the screensaver creators.

It may have something to do with the fact we spend our entire existence of our laptops providing A+ content for our adoring readers, but we’re desperate for the Sleep Mode exhibition to head over to the UK. Unfortunately there are no current plans or even the slightest indication that will ever happen.

As such, if you want to experience Rafaël Rozendaal’s Sleep Mode: The Art of the Screensaver exhibition, you’ll need to head over to Rotterdam’s Het Nieuwe Instituut before Sunday 25th June.




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