If you’re in the unlucky scenario of looking to purchase your own private jet, might we make a suggestion and ask that you take a look at this insane SottoStudios Skyacht One, which aims to replicate the experience of the luxury superyacht, except 10,000 feet in the sky.

Skyacht One Private Jet

With a hull packed full of mahogany bespoke finishes, the Skyacht One is the epitome of elegance and luxury. It’s based on the Embraer Flagship Lineage 1000E and from entry into the 4,000ft² cabin, you know you’re in for something special.

The Chartroom entry features a planetary clock lies embedded in a marquetry mural inspired by a 15th Century Italian palace. There’s a Fornasetti rug, a Galley which evokes the luxury of the British Campaign style and all the custom leather you can imagine.

Sotto Skyacht One Private Jet 1
As you move into the Conference Room things only get classier with bejeweled controls made from engraved brass, gold, silver and platinum. From the brass inlaid window bezels, each with mahogany panelling, to the adjustable vintage styled leather sunshades, the skies have never looked better.

The Main Cabin is where the Skyacht One really starts to show off with a Chesterfield Sofa and bespoke Cocktail Bar. The naturally a top-of-the-line television as well as internet available, while the seating lined in brass, nickel and even more mahogany.

Sotto Skyacht One Private Jet 4
The Captain’s Quarters (or Bedroom to us mere mortals) is intimate and pretty damn sexy. There’s padded suede everywhere and the ceilings come panelled. 14th Century Star maps are the inspiration for the silk Cellarius Carpeting, while Skyacht’s signature Armillary Sphere is softly inlaid on the secret sliding door. There’s obviously another TV and a matching bath and shower are attached.

Skyacht One also has plenty of luxuries especially in its Master Bath, which has a bejeweled ‘throttle’ feature that controls temperature over a walnut and gold sink. Skylights also run the length of the aircraft, while mood lighting intelligently adjusts itself to match the outside view.

The SottoStudios Skyacht One private jet starts at a mere £58million ($83million), so maybe just stick to a microlight if you’ve not quite got the capital. Get more details and specs from the Skyacht One Website.

Sotto Skyacht One Private Jet 3
Sotto Skyacht One Private Jet 5



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