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Space Case 1 Smart Suitcase

Digital biometric locking, global tracking, digital lift-less weighing, power banking, anti-theft alerting and Bluetooth speaker-ing… Say hello to ‘the world’s most advanced smart suitcase,’ the Space Case 1!

Made of 100% polycarbonate, the Space Case 1 is the answer to all of a Joe’s travelling needs. With virtually all the functions controlled through an accompanying smartphone app, the Space Case is probably the most hi-tech suitcase ever invented.

The awesome tech starts even at unlocking. Throw away that mini lock-and-key – the Space Case 1 is opened with the touch of your finger print through biometric scanner. You’ll never have to worry about losing your luggage again either as the location of your luggage is tracked through a Global Tracker application.

No more unexpected baggage fees either as it’s also smart enough to weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. The smart case contains a Digital Self Scale which weighs your suitcase even without you lifting the thing. Incredibly, the weighing sensors are built into the wheels with the reading available on your Planet Traveler app.

The Space Case 1 also contains a power bank and the makers say it’ll have enough juice to charge your phone at least 7 times. Just plug in your charger into one of the 2 external USB charging ports or the USB charging port in the front pocket.

The Smart Case also works as your own personal concierge. You’ll receive a text when your luggage arrives at the carrousel! The in-built proximity sensor let’s you know when your suitcase leaves your area too, so it works great as an Anti-Theft device.

There’s even a built in Bluetooth speaker which means you can take conference calls in your hotel room or just relax while listening to music. Why not!?

Made from the lightest and most durable material available in the market today, the Space Case 1 comes in two designs – a Carry On and a Check In. The Check In is obviously a little bigger but they both have a total of 5 pockets in the main compartment and have waterproof zippers with polyurethane covering to protect your clothes from the elements.

The Space Case 1 seems to have everything covered and we haven’t come across anything that comes close to the Space Case in terms of features. We’re not too keen on the look but it’s hardly offensive! The Space Case 1 is available is numerous colours and materials from their Indiegogo Page where a Carry On case starts at around the £200 mark with the Check In starting at around £235.




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