While Istanbul is one of our favourite cities anywhere on the globe, it does have noticeably few green spaces to relax and enjoy the usually glorious weather. Well, New York design studio DROR are proposing something rather radical with Parkorman – a park filled with activity spaces, including a trampoline area in the canopy of the forest.

Giant Trampoline Forest Playground, Istanbul

Billed as ‘a love story between people and nature,’ the Parkorman forest park will give locals and tourists a chance experience the great outdoors just six miles from the city centre of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

As well as being able to walk through the park, Parkorman will also offer users the opportunity to swing through the forest, play in giant ball pits, relax by reflecting pools, and even bounce high above the ground on canopy-level trampolines.

Istanbul Trampoline Park Dror 2

The proposed plan will see Parkorman broken into five main zones, each designed to provoke their own emotion with interactive innovations in each zone. At the park entrance, The Plaza is the most open space in the park and will be used for gathering and socialising, while The Loop features swings and hammocks which sit above the forest floor for relaxing.

The most striking area of the park is The Chords, which will see the more adventurous users ascend into the canopy on a twisting footpath for some giant trampoline bouncing. The Pool is where giant ball pits will be placed, and The Grove offers a maze-like sculpture trail leading through the landscape.

Istanbul Trampoline Park Dror 4

The park will also feature The Fountain of Clarity, a cube-shaped water feature which uses a sensor module and hydraulic piston to open up on approach, allowing visitors to enter the structure.

The Parkorman in Istanbul is currently only a proposal, so keep an eye on the DROR Website for any updates.

Istanbul Trampoline Park Dror 1
Istanbul Trampoline Park Dror 5



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