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Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing

We think we’ve found our hotel of the year in the form of the 5-Star Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing. The luxury hotel opened it’s doors this year with 306 guest rooms and suites spread across 21 floors and it looks truly stunning.

Located 60 kilometers north of Beijing, The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel looks out over Yanqi Lake with the hotel’s distinct design reflected in its waters. It’s futuristic in the best sense of the word and is beyond striking.

Designed by Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Co., the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Bejing embodies the shape of the rising sun symbolising harmony, unity and infinity as well as the fast-developing economy of China, according to it’s designers. From a side angle view, the hotel is shaped like a scallop which represents ‘Fortune’ in the Chinese culture. The hotel required two years of work with more than 9,300 construction workers to complete.


The Yanqi Lake is a beautiful scenic site located at the foot of the Yan Mountains, surrounded by a variety of attractions including the Hongluo Temple, Qinglong Gorge, Baiquan Mountain and the Mutianyu Great Wall, which is just a 30 minute drive away.

Now here’s a bit of architectural jargon we’re not sure we entirely understand – The main structure system is a combination of mixed structure system which utilizes concrete-filled tubular column together with steel beams, and a concrete core. The whole building is supported both vertically and horizontally by the concrete core with steel structure beams within that can withstand up to a Level 8 earthquake.

The design inside is very much modern-contemporary and function rooms are available to hire for weddings and other events. The Presidential Suite screams of luxury and has Jackson Pollock-style artworks adorning the walls, contemporary furniture and an adjoining study.

As well as all the spa and fitness facilities you’d hope for including hot and cold plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms, the hotel’s restaurants offer guests a combination of European dining, as well as various types of authentic Chinese cuisine.

One excursion guests may want to take is a boat out on Yanqi Lake to admire the hotel from afar. While that might sound self-indulgent and even smug, you would be too if you’d just designed this beauty.

We’d be very surprised if a more attractive hotel opened this year. The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel looks staggering beautiful and ultimately very very cool. It might be worth going to China for alone. Prices start at £137 per night and rise considerably depending on how much luxury you can handle (or afford). Check for more details at the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel website.




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