Tagonce Luggage Tag

Summer is in full swing and chances are you’re going to have, or have already had, the pleasure of forgetting to buy yourself a new travel tag for your luggage only to have a scramble at the airport. Well, thanks to the Tagonce, you’ll only ever need to buy one!

Made in Denmark, the Tagonce is bringing the humble travel tag into the 21st Century with a digitalised tag that contains contact and travel information through the use of your smartphone.

It’s an incredibly simple idea but one that will save you effort and time. Simply attach the Tagonce tag to your luggage and scan the tag. Through the accompanying app, enter your basic contact information and where and when you’re going. Then all that’s left is to enjoy your trip.

If the worst happens and your bag is lost, the tag is set up to display your contact information when scanned. Anyone with a smartphone is able to read your tag – even without the app.

The luggage owner can be located on Google Maps, texted or emailed with the click of a button by the finder of the luggage using a smartphone. If the finder doesn’t want to call or email the luggage owner, the finder can simply choose to enter a message with contact information, so that the owner has to contact the finder instead. Simple.

It’s a great idea and the Tagonce looks pretty cool too. You can also plan multiple journeys by entering future dates and places you are planning to stay – your contact information will automatically change based on this info!

The Tagonce is being sold on crowd-funder Kickstarter where you can get hold of one for as little as around £5 (kr55). The app is also completely free and the tags themselves come in White, Black or Transparent. There’s under 10 days of funding left to go, so get over to the Tagonce Kickstarter Website now!